About Us

The Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio

The roots of the Epilepsy Center started with a small group of parents concerned with their children having epilepsy. They formed a support group that started to meet on the campus of what was then known as MCO (now known as UTMC).

The group incorporated in June 1977 as The Epilepsy Association Center of Northwestern Ohio, now known as “The Epilepsy Center”. The Center’s goals were to promote, support, and encourage activities for the prevention and the treatment of epilepsy, to educate the general public about epilepsy to eradicate misconceptions, to promote economic opportunities for people with epilepsy, and to provide programs, activities, and support for people with epilepsy.

We have seen many changes over the years and have been blessed to be able to continue to provide quality services in our communities. We have grown to see the inclusion of people who have developmental disabilities in our residential program. Our residential program has grown to see the development of an Adult Day Services Program that includes non-medical transportation. We continue to offer free educational programs through our Living with Epilepsy series.

Statistics show that 1 in 10 people will have some type of seizure in their lifetime. Some may have only one mild seizure that they never knew they had. Others will have seizures that reoccur (epilepsy) and will need support, education, and understanding to help them achieve their highest quality of life.

We are proud to be able to serve those with epilepsy and those with developmental disabilities and their families and friends. The work we do at The Center is not “just a job”, it is an opportunity for us to “fulfill a vocation”. While we aim to enrich the lives of others, they, too, are enriching our lives.

Funding for programs and services outside of the residential stream are obtained through our fundraising events and through general contributions to The Center. Please remember The Epilepsy Center when you decide on your charity giving as we continue to live our mission.